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Ingredients of the Hero Camp





In the mountains of Liguria, far away from the touristic centers, were porcupines stroll trough the forests – lies Centro Anidra.

An Eco-village, organic farm and retreat centre located in the Sturla valley - so vast it contains a waterfall, mountain forests, hidden glades and a hiking track that takes 45 minutes to walk. Perfect for the Spirit of the Hero camp!

So imagine you wake up to the sounds of the birds in the mountains. Start your day with a session of meditation overlooking the lush valley, already looking forward to the beautiful superfood breakfast.




If you love Italian food, and at the same time want to detox your body, you will crave every meal at the Spirit of the Hero camp. 

The chefs at Centro Anidra create 100% plant-based meals made from local organic products, often coming straight from their own gardens.



We offer you three different options for all kinds of budgets. You can sleep in the wooden bungalows of the eco village, or you treat yourself with the beautiful ensuite rooms of the old stone house. If you feel adventurous you can also set up your tent on the camp grounds of Centro Anidra.

The Surrounding


Centro Anidra is located in the wonderful Northern Italian region of Liguria. There are plenty of things to do and explore on the free day during the camp.

Starting directly from Centro Anidra there are wonderful hiking tracks. In the surrounding mountain region, you can visit old churches, manufactories, see wild horses, climb, bike or kayak.

Following down the valley you will soon reach the Mediterranean Sea where the world famous villages Portofino & Cinque Terre are just a short drive away.


Explore A

 Magical Land




Refresh yourself in the magical waterfall.

Outdoor training in the dense mountain forests.

The naturally build straw house is our training hall.

The hub of Centro Anidra is the eco village.

Strengthen yourself with world-class movement training.

Nurture your soul in the fire ritual.


What Participants Say About Our Camps

Giovanna Schiavoni

Student / Italy

After the camp I am more calm, centered, balanced, grounded and connected to myself. I am not the same person as I was before.

Nina Schmitt

Coach / Belgium

“ A holistic concept that works!! ”

Emil Clausen

Hotel Manager & Builder / Denmark

“ My internal process has been very large but also focused. I have looked through many doors and windows in my self and got insight in processes which help me grow into myself. Externally I have gained strength and a lot of techniques. ”

Jens Weimann

Fitness Trainer / Germany


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Excluding Accommodation & Food

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Accommodation & Food: Depending on the venue and your room choice we calculate your accommodation & food price.

Single Room: You can also book single rooms for an additional cost.

Camp Helper: If you are eager to join the camp and want to help organizing it, but also fully participate, we have a special offer for 1 or 2 Camp Helpers.

This will be Your Instructor team

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Rafael is a health and nutrition coach with over a decade of experience in teaching and coaching. Ever since his studies in exercise science at university, Rafael has been exploring the fascinating and powerful effects exercise and nutrition can  have on our health. Food and movement are so basic, yet they are such an integral part of human nature that they can influence every level of our being: physically, emotionally, mentally, and even spiritually.

As a certified functional nutrition coach Rafael's approach combines natural living with newest scientific insights. While he loves to nerd-out about nutrition, physiology, gut microbes, genomics and such topics, he always brings it back to a holistic point of view and to practical application. One of which is preparing food yourself and making it delicious. Because optimally prepared, food can be pleasure, prevention, and medicine at the same time.

Rafael's approach also integrates movement. He's certified as a MovNat trainer (natural movement) and has some experience in various movements styles (qigong, martial arts, parkour, etc.).

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