Magdalena, the chef and co-owner of the old mill,  is a real food magician. Or better say a kitchen witch.

She and her team use local and seasonal produce to create healthy and hearty meals inspired by Polish specialities as well as food from around the world​. She might also use her knowledge of local wild herbs to transform your meal into a superfood potion.



We offer you two options to lay your body to rest at night. The first option are the beautiful appartment-styled rooms of Zurawi Mlyn. The second option is to tent on the property near the river.

Special Activities

The essence of the hero's journey is to take a step out into the extraordinary world and make new experiences!

That is why you will kayak, experience the 'Mori Gari' forest challenge, train martial arts, enjoy a building workshop out in the forest & much more...
Growth is what we want to create. And growth needs challenge, knowledge and new experiences.

Cold Exposure

The Lake Edition camp offers us the unique opportunity to experience the multiple benefits of cold exposure.


If you are new to it, an experienced cold swimmer, or you fear the cold... the river beside the old mill and our preparatory training will be the perfect gentle introduction to this rejuvenating method

The Surrounding


The landscape around the old mill is ideal to be explored by foot or on the water. We will play, fight & train in the surrounding lakes, rivers and forests to 're-evoke' the feeling of getting in contact and being connected with the land and the natural world.


Lakes & Forests Like In The

Old Days



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