Excerpt from the 'Hero Guide'

An introduction to your inner hero


The Philosophy Behind It


The Hero's Journey

The archetypical story of the Hero going on his journey is the oldest story of humanity. It symbolizes the journey we should all go through in life to find our true powers and our purpose. 
The Spirit of the Hero camps are designed to bring you the opportunity to experience this epic journey and transfer it into your daily life.

The Path of the 5 Gates

During the camps you will walk the path of the 5 Gates. Each Gate addresses a different aspect of your being and will challenge you and let you grow just like you would be following an epic quest through a magical land. 


The Skills you learn in the 5 Gates incorporate the essence of techniques and methods ranging from Meditation, Martial Arts, Yoga, Mental Coaching, Tribal Psychology, Qi Gong and countless more.

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