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Come to Hogwards, train with Yoda, but for adults & professionals...

We use the blueprint of the Hero's Journey

Unlock the power of the oldest story of humanity for your own life's journey

The Team

We are a group of lifelong martial artists, surfers, meditators, scientists and shamans. Our vision is to live a life in deep connection to the world around us, our bodies and minds. In short, to follow our own hero's journey.


In our retreats we create spaces that make it possible to bring out your fullest potential. In the future we want to create a permanent 'village of heroes' that combines the ancient arts with newest sustainable technology.

3 Pillars - The Triforce


We use martial arts, outdoor challenges, surfing, natural movement, archery, Yoga and many more to create a strong body mind connection, a healthy body and an empowered state.

Mind & Soul

Meditation, breathing techniques, mental training and the calming effect of being in nature creates a focused and controlled mind that can change its state at will.


Connection means all your interaction with the outside world. With our hero's journey process and vision coaching we make sure that change is implemented in your daily life and will be sustainable.

Our Camps -

The Video

Get a first glance of the vibe and beautiful locations of our Spirit of the Hero camps.

Upcoming Events

Our Hero-Process Camps


Spirit of the Hero - Mountain

 12 Days / 30. Aug - 12. Sep 2020

Our flagship retreat, adventure experience and empowering challenge for heroes and people who want more in life. More depth, more awareness, more energy! Become part of the tribe and join us in beautiful Northern Italy.


Spirit of the Hero - Lake

5 Days / 10. - 14. Oct 2020

Come with us to the forests and lakes of Poland to an enchanted old mill. Enjoy our blend of mindfulness practice, empowering coaching and outdoor activities. Refresh your soul while kayaking on remote lakes and rivers and harness your heroic spirit with martial arts in the forests. 


Spirit of the Hero - Ocean

7 Days / 19. June - 26. June


A 7-day experience in cooperation with Goodtimes surfcamp in Northern Portugal. Enjoy our Hero Wake Up Training, enriching challenges after breakfast, and beach life and surfing for the rest of the day.

One unique place & many unforgettable experiences

Goa / India

Goa. Yoga. Qi Gong. - Adventure Quest

10 Days / 31. Jan - 10. Feb 2020

This trip will lead us to one of the most beautiful places in India: Goa. Come with us to the lands where Yoga was born and practice rejuvenating Yoga and Qi Gong every morning. After a wonderful brunch buffet at the Devarya Wellness Centre you will have time to explore the wonders of Goa.

The following website and the trip's main language is German. But translation can be provided by the teachers.

Dharamsala / India

Karate Himalaya - Adventure Quest

10 Days / 22. Feb - 03. March 2020

An unforgettable adventure in a Tibetan monastery in Dharamsala, the Dalai Lama's residence. The day starts with Qi Gong, followed by an intensive 10-day seminar in classical martial arts

(suitable for total beginners to black belts). The afternoons can be spent exploring Tibetan culture, or hiking in the mountains.

The following website and the trip's main language is German. But translation can be provided by the teachers.


The Hero Rituals - Online Program

 40 Days / in your time

What about you spice your daily life with a pinch of adventure? You want to train with us, but you can't attend one of the camps? Or you want to infuse your ordinary days with a magic dose of heroic missions and routines? Then get our Hero Rituals Online Program and start your quest right now.

The Hero Rituals Online Program

Bring Heroic Routines Into Your Daily Life

The Hero Rituals Video Training

The 40-day online video training to boost your daily energy, awareness and power. Join the Hero Rituals Program and learn 5 universal tools that will support you for the rest of your life.

Hero Coaching

Develop Your Full Potential With Us

Coaching Sessions

You want to start the next chapter in your life? Leave the old blockages behind? And this with an action plan and the support to achieve your goals?


We call it a Hero Project. It can be anything from changing habits, boosting your health or starting a new project, as long as it brings you closer to using your full potential in your life. In private Skype Sessions we will use Secret Elements Counseling, our Hero Tools and Movement Hacks to make this happen with you. Everything tailored to your individual situation. Start your coming heroic times with a massive boost of energy and support:   

What Participants Say

Feedback From Our Camps & Trainings

Rafael Järmann

Health Coach & Nutrition Expert / Switzerland

“ The Hero Camp was amazing! It's a physical, mental and emotional journey to discover more about yourself, connect with wonderful people from around the world and have a lot of fun. The camp offers new and enriching experiences for body, mind and soul. It's challenging and yet accessible to anyone - from complete novice to movement professional. ”

Skye Smith

Yoga Teacher and Graphic Designer / Australia

“ The Qi Gong Course was deeply insightful and gave me a great understanding of how energy and the natural laws of the universe work. Sascha is a patient and kind teacher and holds a depth of knowledge. I feel excited to share what I have learned with others and to continue to practice the techniques to master Qi Gong and all areas of my life. ”

Nina Schmitt

Coach /


“ After the camp I am more calm, centered, balanced, grounded and connected to myself. I am not the same person as I was before. ”

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