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The Hero Process

The Hero Training


We created this training process because we discovered for ourselves how powerful it can be to combine body, mind & emotions through conscious and aware training methods.

We found our own inner hero not on the outside but on the inside. We believe that you don't need to be a super hero like in the movies. What your soul is really longing for is that you are able to bring out your full potential in this life. That is the power of the hero's journey. To live your life in growth & unity.

For us this hero power is gained trough the combination of conscious bodywork, outdoor training & fitness, meditation and self-development training.

You can follow us on this epic adventure as an elite athlete or total couch potato.

As long as you want more... more depth, more unfolding potential, more feeling... this is your camp!

In The Company Of Heroes


Find friendship and like-minded, kind-hearted people that help you accelerate your growth. Become part of our Hero Tribe network and meet friends you can't wait to hear from once you are back home and who help you stay courageous.


The Spirit of the Hero camp summons an international crowd of people who are just like you. People looking for more, eager to learn and willing to share their path with others.

Our experience-based components


Over 40 years of combined experience as international movement experts.

Deep Movement

We use the concept of the hero's journey as the universal roadmap of human self-development.

The Hero's Journey

The transformational power of ancient rituals & Asian wisdom.

Ancient & Tribal

A training process influenced by newest findings in psychology, neuroscience & sports science.  


9 Things The Camp Will Give You

The Benefits Of The Camp In These 3 Areas Of Your Life:


  • Calmness & inner Focus

    You will fully reconnect with yourself through meditation, being in nature and the reflection exercises we do.

  • Stress Detox

    7 days of Meditation, Qi Gong and refocussing on what is really important to you will drastically reduce the stress you accumulated.

  • Healthy new routines

    Create a routine with ease.

    The Hero Wake Up training will give you strong routines you can easily implement in your daily life after the camp.


  • Fantastic body feeling & health

    The multi-leveled training approach, the food and mindfulness exercises will give you the best bodily feeling you had for years.

  • The best healthy South European food!

    Enjoy the South European and international cuisine made from local produce. 

  • Fitness

    The training, surfing and being outdoors will incrementally increase your fitness & wellbeing and bring it to a new hight.


  • Awesome Community

    When you gather people in an environment where they can express themselves freely and grow together, an unbeatable community is created. Be part of the Hero Tribe far beyond the camp!

  • Be a Hero

    For us being a hero means

    to pursue your wants and needs with great clarity, empower yourself, and learn about your inner nature. After each camp we go home feeling more content and heroic and realize that we actually are on our hero's journey.

  • Amazing energy

    You will build up an amazing energy level and we will show you how you keep up your momentum back home.

Our Camps -

The Video

Get a first glance of the vibe and beautiful locations of our Spirit of the Hero camps.


Challenge Your


And Nourish Your


Ingredients of the Ocean Camps





The Ocean camp we do in cooperation with the Goodtimes surf camp. It is in the very North of Portugal, you can almost see the Spanish coastline from the beach. Goodtimes consists of several nicely decorated houses just next to the Ocean.
​The gardens are full of flowers and you can smell the freshness of the salty waves. 




For us a healthy and plant-based diet is important for our performance and detoxification. So our camps offer you delicious but also nutritious food.
​Especially the kitchen at Goodtimes is another level. The chefs in their team are real trained cooks who create beautiful arrangements every day. Every evening we can enjoy dinner outside looking out to the setting sun.



You will stay in one of the nicely arranged surf houses. They are located directly at the surf spot, thus after getting up, the first look is directly at the sea and the waves. The double rooms are available with large double beds or two separate single beds. So it is also possible to book a double room as a single traveler - in that case you will meet a nice roommate on site. We make sure that the room neighbors are same-sex. Each house has two bathrooms that will be shared. For an extra cost it is possible to book single rooms, as well as one of the suits with adjacent own bathroom.

Special Activities


The speciality in our ocean camp is of course the surfing. Part of the challenges during the camp is a surf lesson for total beginners or intermediates. If you are a pro you can use your own equipment or get it from the camp.

But that is not all. You will also train yourself in Martial Arts, Yoga, Archery and our 'game' of stick fighting.
We want to trigger growth. Physically and mentally. And that needs challenges, new experiences and empowerment.


Get Close To The





'Goodtimes' has the most amazing food.

You will train on the amazing platform near the old fort.

The 3 surf houses are build right at the Ocean.


What Participants Say About Our Camps

“ My highlight was the morning meditation and the hero journey part (dreams, demons etc..) and what I learned from all this amazing people. I'm amazed by how not even once I felt left out, even though the big years difference.”

Giovanna Schiavoni

Student / Italy

After the camp I am more calm, centered, balanced, grounded and connected to myself. I am not the same person as I was before.

Nina Schmitt

Coach / Belgium

“ A holistic concept that works!! ”

Emil Clausen

Hotel Manager & Builder / Denmark

“ My internal process has been very large but also focused. I have looked through many doors and windows in my self and got insight in processes which help me grow into myself. Externally I have gained strength and a lot of techniques. ”

Jens Weimann

Fitness Trainer / Germany

Read This If You Want To Know If Its For You

7 days of fun, empowerment & new experiences



A Typical Day In The Camp:


7:30 am – 8:30 am / Meditation & ‘Hero Wake Up Program’


8:45 am - 10:00 am / Breakfast Buffet


10:00 am – 1:00 pm / Hero Challenge


1:30 pm / Lunch & Rest-time, Surfing time


7:30 pm / Dinner

The 7 Day Process:


Discover Your Heroic Potential In Our 7-Day Experience


Thrive With Nourishing & Cleansing Food


Grow Your Strength With Physical & Mindfulness Training


Gain New Inspiration & Self Realization


And You'll Bring It Home In Your Workbook!!


Break out of your
Ordinary world


The Ocean Camp

Reserve your spot here... only limited places available.

The Hero Process Package


  • The full 6-day self-development process
  • Mentorship from the Hero Tribe Founders
  • Professional surf session
  • Martial Arts training
  • Hero training material
  • Your 'Hero Rituals' for the life after the camp

Early Bird 888 

(5 spots available)


Normal Price 1111

Excluding Accommodation & Food

Chat with Camilla to learn more and book your next adventure:

Or send us an email at:

Accommodation & Food: Depending on the venue and your room choice we calculate your accommodation & food price.

Single Room: You can also book single rooms for an additional cost.

The Hero Team

This will be Your Instructor team

Main instructor for the camp’s training process


Sascha Wagener led quite a special life in the last 20 years. His research and training journeys let him to mountain temples, monasteries and tribal warriors all around the world. He is teaching world-known clients in Asia's most prestigious wellness resort and is co-founder of the Secret Elements Qi Gong & Therapy system and founding member of the Missing Link Martial Arts Research Society.



A Life Full Of Adventure...


  • Sascha is teaching around the world
  • He developed different systems in health, self-healing & martial arts that are used in over 10 different countries
  • Author of several books
  • Taught high-end clients like CEOs of the top 5 silicon valley internet giants
  • Visiting expert in the world famous Aman resorts...


As seen at:

Camp Organization, Qi Gong Instructor, Yin Yoga Teacher


Camilla is the organizer behind the camp and creates the flow of the whole experience. She used to work for five star hotels all around the world before she was drawn to new challenges and adventures.


Since then, she has completed an education as a Thai yoga massage therapist in one of the most prestigious training centers in Bangkok and has broadened this knowledge with her Shiatsu training. She is a Qi Gong instructor and enthusiast for a tasty and healthy plant-based nutrition. She loves to collect recipes from local chefs from around the world like Bali and Vietnam.


Camilla will bring us deep relaxation and self-reflection with her refined Yin Yoga classes.

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