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The Hero Rituals Program

The Hero Transformation Program In 6 Weeks


On the Hero Rituals online platform you can access your daily Gate training sessions and get your additional Body and Soul training tasks. We take you by the hand through this magical journey and you are guided from step to step.

The Hero Book (FREE)

Your Training Companion Book

This ebook is your daily companion for the journey. It guides you through the exercises and quests of the Hero Rituals Program and perfectly supports your progress and the reflection process you will go through. 

The Hero Missions (FREE)

Spice up your daily life with the Missions


The Missions are short little tasks you can incorporate into your daily life. Doing them will train your skills and give you a wonderful sense of purpose and happiness.
While you do them you will also collect Qi Points and level up your hero abilities.

The Hero Power Spells (FREE)

Cast your new Spells wherever you are


The Power Spell Cards are just a cool little gimmick for your Hero's journey. Print them out, take them with you, and let them help you to remember and use your new Spells (Hero Skills). This will really weave them into your life and into your habits.

The Secret Map Of Motivation (FREE)

Track your progress & reward yourself


You can collect your Qi Points on this magical gorgeous looking Map. You will see your progress right in front of you and you can marvel how your skill level is going up from day to day.

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9 Benefits Of The Hero Rituals Program

Be Aware... These Awesome Changes Might Happen To You

  • A feeling of purpose

    Discover how you not just live your life like the masses, but experience it with purpose.

  • Fantastic body feeling & health

    The multi-leveled exercises and body awareness training will give you the best bodily feeling you had for years.

  • Better relationships

    The 12 Hero Skills will increase your awareness and authenticity in social situations and will help you to have deeper relationships.

  • Feel extremely confident

    Feel like the protagonist of your Hero's story, just as you were always meant to be.

  • Fitness

    Even if you aren't fit right now, or you are a sports enthusiast. The program will give you a well-rounded fitness level.

  • Sleep like a baby

    Stress reduction and physical exercises will help you to gain a new sleep pattern.

  • Your own 'magic' powers

    Learn and internalize 5 magic powers that instantly change your mindset and perspective and with that your surrounding.

  • Better understand your life path

    Discover your true wants and needs and enable yourself to pursue them with great clarity.

  • Amazing energy

    Create an amazing energy level and momentum when your start the program.

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